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 Founded on the belief that the real estate industry needs to completely re-think the business model if it’s to remain a viable service to tomorrow's savvy consumers.  In an age when giant firms like retailer Amazon and the stock trading house NASDAQ  can command huge market share and yet not actually have a “brick and mortar” presence speaks loudly for where the consumer is going. Real estate sites like Zillow are garnering huge shares of first visitors looking for real estate, yet Zillow has no offices open to serve their real estate patrons.

Technology has not only dramatically changed how many services are rendered but also the level of knowledge possessed by the consumer. Real estate agents who fail to recognize they need to significantly up their game will go the way of the gas station attendant who used to pump your gas and wash your windshield (remember that?)

Excel Realty Group places its focus on providing its agents not only the latest technological advances designed to maximize each agent's market presence, but in addition fully supporting each agent with a highly skilled “back office” trained to handle all tasks not requiring a license. The business model frees the agent to do more without neglecting those time sensitive and very important tasks that keep the agent looking good in the eyes of their clients and out of trouble with the regulatory agencies.

Here is just a partial list of the technical support systems in place:

  • Full featured and synchronized contact management system including drip campaigns.
  • Synchronized file management system.
  • Synchronized staff communication system.

Here is just a partial list of the back office services provided to every agent. 

  • Business card design and ordering.
  • Agent computer setup and integration (laptop/tablet/smartphone).
  • Buyer and Listing Package preparation.
  • Executed document management.
  • Showing service support.
  • Contract-to-Close support.
  • Commission preparation and title company notification.

Additionally, Broker Dave Morris is always available to guide you through those sticky real estate situations that can and do arise in every active practice.

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