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Given the soft selling market, leasing is a viable alternative being used my many property owners to avoid having to sell their real estate investments for less than they feel they are worth. That stated, I often find owners completely unaware of the statues (both federal and state) that govern this type of business activity. Federal Equal Housing laws prohibit discrimination on a variety of levels that owners are often unaware of (for example, advertising "no kids" is unlawful).


Even more complex is Texas Property Code (TPC). Controlling keys, credit information, access to the property while leased and eviction conduct when necessary are all areas where lack of knowledge can land an owner in a lawsuit.


With the potential for expensive tenant initiated litigation, and the risk of losing a lawsuit and having a judgment placed against the property, it makes sense to either invest the time necessary to become very familiar with federal and TPC statutes or hire an organization who is.



Why owners trust Excel Realty Group Property Management with their properties:

             Cost-Effective Pricing – a straightforward fee structure with no hidden charges

             Local Experience – expertise on area rental rates, proper licensing and insurance

             Shorter Vacancies – a comprehensive marketing and leasing strategy to rent faster

             Rigorous Screening – includes criminal, credit, income and employment checks

             Centralized Accounting – for property portfolios large and small

             Property Inspections – both inside and out to assess property condition

             24/7 Maintenance & Emergency Services – to limit expenses, turnover and liability

             Impeccable Ethics & Integrity

Property Management

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