The decision to sell your home is a big one.

Here are the top three questions most want to know before proceeding.

 1. What is My Home Worth?

Professional investors know how to accurately determine value before buying or selling a property. Most rely on the expertise of a trusted real estate expert with access to current, local sales records and the knowledge to correctly review the data and draw an accurate assessment.  

My experience and knowledge of home values in the San Antonio Area is a resource made available to my clients. The process starts with a true and accurate market analysis of your home. The process looks at: Recent home sales in your neighborhood, Current homes on the market in your neighborhood, Value analysis, and Summary statement.

2. If I Sell, What Will I "Net"? 

There are a multitude of factors that can go into figuring out "the bottom line", including when the deal closes, whether you belong to an HOA, and who buys your house.

Every buyer is different, and I can analyze the details of every offer and translate them into what it means in terms of dollars in your pocket. How do you choose if you get multiple offers that are very similar? I can show you how the dollar amounts work out in each situation so you can make the most informed decision possible.  

3. Dave Morris, Why Should I Assign You the Task?

The number one reason I should be assigned the task of getting your home sold is - I Get Results.  

Getting the results my clients expect of me is the cornerstone of my "When Results Matter" Marketing Plan. It's the result of an orchestrated series of "actions" that bring about the sale of their home at a price they're comfortable with and within a time frame that works for them.  

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